Renewable Energy Technologies and Health


Research Overview

Renewable energy technologies (RETs) are starting to occupy an increasingly significant place in today’s energy scenario. Rapid growth in RET manufacturing capacity and in technology deployment are being witnessed in many parts of the world. The ORC program at Waterloo aims to address the critically important technological, health, and safety issues of RETs at their, (i) development, (ii) operational, and (iii) end-of-life stages. This research initiative is timely and unique: the program brings together different expertise in a multi-disciplinary effort to carry out in-depth studies and research activities and to come up with technology solutions and guidelines.

Research Overview 

The 5-year ORC program consists of 10 Research Themes covering topics in Wind technology, Solar photovoltaics, Solar thermal, Bio energy, RET hybrids, and issues related to grid integration of RETs. Wind-energy related topics are investigated with a certain degree of priority. Researchers and graduate students from the academic departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, Public Health and Health Systems, and School of Environmental Planning are taking part in the program. As many researchers in the team are also involved in several other RET- and Health- related projects, this program will benefit from the networking and collaborative opportunities offered by the ongoing projects. The extensive infrastructure for experimental research and other relevant facilities existing at Waterloo provide a strong support base for this ORC research program. In carrying out the tasks under various Research Themes in the program, the researchers will also interact and collaborate with external research partners and institutions as appropriate.